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How to organize your life using Reminders

Setting basic remindersIOS_0.5

Reminders works with a simple interface of folders and notes. Each folder you create gives you the options to create a list, using the + button, and then a tick function once the task has been completed. You can also choose to ‘show’ completed reminders or ‘hide.’

Edit the time and location settings

Sometimes you’ll want to change or add a specific time that your reminders will do just that – remind you! To add a time click the ‘i’ next to the reminder, add a time day and change the priority to a level you need. It will add a visual cue to your reminder in the form of exclamation marks.


Use Siri to set reminders

Siri is an easy way to create reminders on your watch, iPhone and now, with the update to Mac OS (Sierra) you can use Siri on your Macbook, too. Just say, “Hey Siri. Remind me to email Mike about that important proposal tomorrow at 9am.” She will add a reminder and also add that to your calendar, too.

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Using Siri Search / Spotlight on your iPad

When I search my iPad, I am usually only looking for apps, such as CONTACTS. In IOS 10, I had turned off the other searches so only apps came up when I did a search. With iOS 11, Apple boasts that Siri can search deeper into your iPad’s data to help you find what you’re looking for (internet references, mail, podcasts, notes etc.)

If you don’t want Siri Search/Spotlight to bring up every possible item with the word CONTACTS, then you can filter the search in Settings. Of course you can also tell Siri , ” Show Joe Blow in CONTACTS” and Joe Blow’s contact page will open… pretty cool.

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