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Using Reminders and Notes to Save Links from Safari

Happy New Year’s Eve. Here is a tip to help you better organize your website searches in 2018.

This video is based on using  the MAC but it works just as well on iPads. All you need to do it use the share icon, and choose NOTES or REMINDERS to save the links.

When I was looking for hiking trails in NH, I SHARED all the hiking website links to a note in NOTES called Hiking. Then when I wanted to hike, I could pull up my hiking note and I had all the websites listed.

This is a great tool for storing links to cooking recipes, gardening tips, or whatever topics you normally bookmark in Safari.

Here’s the video.

Close All Your Safari Tabs At Once

If you are one of the many people addicted to opening tab after tab in the Safari browser, you’ve probably found yourself with way too many open at once. It’s easy to open up en or more t tabs in one session of web browsing, and if you don’t clean out those tabs on a regular basis, you could find dozens open in your web browser. While Safari does a good job managing tabs, having too many open can cause performance issues.

Here’s a quick way to close all tabs: Touch and hold the multiple tab icon on the top  right of safari. You will get the option to close the tab or to close all the tabs that are open.