PowerPoint for Mac

Here are some Powerpoint videos for the MAC that will help you on your way

PowerPoint MAC 2011- all you need to know – Learn how to: Customize a white blank presentation rather than working with a theme; Add images, move and resize the images; Add text and edit the text;  Add Shapes and edit them.  8 minutes

Creating New Presentations – If you have PowerPoint 2008 watch this. Learn how to start with a theme as well as start with a blank slide. 10 minutes

Quick introduction tutorial for MAC 2011, made in 2015: Playing with themes. Building and customizing a presentation. 5 minutes.

Finding images for PPT This video was made on a PC but you search the same way on a MAC. 4 minutes

Templates, text, images Microsoft Power Point 2011 for Mac: How to insert images into a slide, add and edit text and insert shapes. Start at 3.22 to skip section on adding videos and audio. Or if you want to see videos and audio, start from the beginning of the video.

Using Transition Effects Apply transitions to your slides. Transitions are special effects you add to slides so when you switch to the next slide (fade in, pop in), people see a transition and are ready for the next topic. It is an excellent god way to get students’ attention. 6.58 minutes.

Adding Transitions to Text Using transitions with text so text glides in or pops in to catch people’s attention. Makes a slide more lively.1.41 minutes

Transition Effects page Steps to help you manage transitions. This is not a video, but a webpage with images.

Make a hyperlink to link to another slide If you want to link a second slide to something in  your first slide, you can create a hyperlink. For instance, if you have a list that you want to show, you put the list on a new slide, and then hyperlink the word LIST to that new slide. Then simply click on the hyperlinked word LIST and the linked slide will open.

How to insert Video clips Inserting video clips into your powerpoint and then managing them with tools.

Adding Appear and Disappear Animations Animation adds motion to text and objects in the powerpoint. This video shows you how to add animations to text to your powerpoint and manage them with tools.

Rehearsing slide shows: Rehearsing your slide show is an important part of your teaching. PPT has a wonderful tool that will help you track the time you speak for each slide and more. 

Presenter Notes and View: PPT has a note field where you can add notes for each slide so you don’t forget important points when presenting. There is also a presenter view that shows the slide you are discussing on the large screen for your students, but on your computer screen, you can see the current and next slide so you don’t lose yourself in the presentation.

8 Simple rules for a stronger presentation Make sure your powerpoint engages your students. Don’t overload the slides and don’t mix too many styles. Follow these simple rules for an effective presentation.

More Top Ten Slide Tips Learn from a best-selling author and speaker on how to keep your slides effective: graphs, charts, color, fonts, and more.

Tips and Tricks for making good PowerPoints