Drag and Drop with IOS 11

#1. Use Drag and Drop in iOS 11 on iPad

With Drag and Drop functionality being a reality, you can easily drag any item like the app, text, photos, URLs, documents and a lot more between apps with the help of the Dock or Home button.

If you want to drag anything, just highlight it, then tap and hold on the item. Then bring up the Dock by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and drop the item in the app in question.

Use Drag and Drop Feature in iOS 11 on iPad

Let’s take another example.

Use Drag and Drop Feature in iOS 11 Mail AppDrag and Drop Attachment in iOS 11 Mail App on iPadThere is another way you can bring more convenience into the way you use drag and drop functionality. When you have selected any item to drag, use other finger/s to access App Switcher while still holding on the original item and navigate using your secondary finger to locate the app you want to drop the item in and then jump over to carry out the task.

Note: You can use Spotlight to quickly find the app you want to drop the content in.

#2. Drag and Drop Multiple Files in iOS 11 on iPad

When you tap the first item, your need to use your secondary fingers to tap any or all additional items you wish to move. You will also be able to combine items from other apps and then bring up Dock/App Switcher → tap the app you want to drop the item → hover over to get the task done.

Drag and Drop Multiple Files in iOS 11 on iPad

#3. Use Drag and Drop in iOS 11 on iPhone 7/7 Plus

Interestingly, you can now use Drag and Drop to quickly move multiple apps on your iPhone 7/7 Plus as well.

Just press and hold on an app until to enter Edit mode. Next, you need to use multiple fingers to tap on any secondary apps and then move them to other screen or folder.

Drag and Drop Mulitple Apps in iOS 11 on iPhone

#4. Turn off Multitasking Features in iOS 11 on iPad

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPad.

Tap on Settings in iOS 11 on iPad Pro

Step #2. Next, tap on General → Tap on Multitasking.

Tap on Settings Then Multitasking in iPad Pro

  • Allow Multiple Apps: If you no longer want to use Slide Over or Split View.
  • Persistent Video Overlay: If you don’t wish to use Picture in Picture, turn it off.
  • Gestures: If you no longer wish to use Multitasking gestures, turn it off.

Disable Multitasking in iOS 11 on iPad

Using Siri Search / Spotlight on your iPad

When I search my iPad, I am usually only looking for apps, such as CONTACTS. In IOS 10, I had turned off the other searches so only apps came up when I did a search. With iOS 11, Apple boasts that Siri can search deeper into your iPad’s data to help you find what you’re looking for (internet references, mail, podcasts, notes etc.)

If you don’t want Siri Search/Spotlight to bring up every possible item with the word CONTACTS, then you can filter the search in Settings. Of course you can also tell Siri , ” Show Joe Blow in CONTACTS” and Joe Blow’s contact page will open… pretty cool.

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