These videos cover material from class 5.  Click on the green links to start a video.  Should you find a link doesn’t work, please alert me.

The videos are based on IOS 8 but applies to IOS 9.

1. An excellent overview of iTunes- Click HERE

2. A gret video introducing Podcasts – click HERE

2b. An excellent overview of Podcasts- click HERE

3. Apple Music on the iPhone (works for iPad): Click HERE

4. Music app, from Fall 2015, there may be changes: click HERE

5. Find my iPad using the app or

These were not covered  in class but may be of interest

5. If you have to CHANGE YOUR APPLE PASSWORD. Go to iTunes store on your iPad. Tap MUSIC at the bottom and scroll down to the very bottom of the Music screen. Tap on your APPLE ID. Tap on iForgot. Enter your Apple ID, tap NEXT. You will get an authentication option to reset using EMAIL. Choose EMAIL. You will get an email with a reset link. Open the email, and tap on the link. Write down your Password – you will have to change your Apple Password on other computers, laptops or devices.

6. iTunes U, a fabulous app that takes you into university classrooms. You can study anything for free: Click here and follow the red instructionsFree University courses online

7. Printer App. Download this to your iPad and you can print to any wireless printer. Click here- HP-ePrint

8. Installing IOS 10

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