In class 4 we focused on the camera app and the photo app, as well as iCloud photo sharing. Click on the green links to watch the videos or read up on specific tasks covered in class.

1. Here is a great video on the Camera app.   Click HERE. Remember digital photos take up memory, so you should delete photos or videos you don’t need.

2. Now that you have the basics of the camera app, check out some new tools . Click HERE

3.  Let’s look at editing our photos. Watch this video on editing photos in the photo app. There is a lot of chatter but he gives a great tour of editing tools. You can stop it around 4.45 minutes because after that he just talks again. Click HERE

4. If you took videos on your iPad, you can also edit them! YES, you can crop your videos on the iPad! Click HERE

6. Now that you have edited  your photos, share them with friends and family through the shared photo stream. Click Here. This starts from the SHARED album in Photos also known as the shared  photo stream.

7.  The best way to manage your photos is to create photo albums. Watch this video on creating iPad photo album, click HERE. Remember you start in PHOTOS, not the CAMERA ROLL.

8. This is how you delete an iPad photo album.

9. Send photos via email 

Here are some good videos on the iCloud, iCloud Drive, and iCloud Photo Library

Using live Photos on iPad