These videos/slideshows cover material from class 3 with a few extras. Click on the green links to get to the slideshow or start a video.  You can watch as often as you wish. Should you find a link doesn’t work, please alert me. If you have found a video that would be good for the class to watch, share it with me and I will post it here. Some of the videos are a few years old and the iPad you are working on has different screens. Be brave and experiment.

1. How to use iBooks (IOS 7 but good for IOS 8, you can’t skip the ad!)

2. Download and read eBooks on iPad (iBooks mainly but good overview)

3. Click for Highlighting and taking notes in iBooks

4. Free Books on iPad: Overdrive and Kindle

5. Audio books with Overdrive 

6. A great intro on Facetime

7. Making a FaceTime call (The author uses a phone but it works the same for iPad- you just need the person’s email)

8. What is MESSAGES?  A great explanation of cell and internet messages, and how to set MESSAGE notifications. (6 minutes)

9. MessagesHow to set it up (Slideshow- Scroll to the bottom to see how to set it up)

10. Message issues explained

Other Goodies

  • Using MAPS (GPS ): Use your iPad in the car (Find the destination using WIFI in your house, don’t close the app. Keep the screen open while you drive in the car) The video is for an older version but gives you an idea of the options.
  • How to use SKYPE
  • New article on iPhone (iPad) Printers