This page covers material we looked at in class 2 as well as other subjects that you may want to know about. The links take you to videos or websites with specific steps on how to do a particular task.

Click on the green links to get to the video or website.  You can watch as often as you wish. Should you find a link doesn’t work, please alert me.

1. Organize  your apps (sent in email): Move apps, put in folders, or delete.

2.  Put folders into folders (Advanced): Nested Folders

3.  Find an app with spotlight: Drag one finger half way down the home screen

4. Switching between apps: Multitasking, with IOS 11, this does not work on iPad mini 3 and iPad air

5. Using Contacts: Your digital address book 

6. Safari: Complete intro and then some well worth the 15 minutes

7. Managing Safari bookmarks and creating bookmark  folders

8. Move Safari bookmark to another folder

9. Using the Calendar: Keeping track of your busy life, this is the IOS 7 version which is pretty similar to IOS 8.

10. Using Notes: Click Here

11. Managing notifications pull down menu. Click Here

12. How to create Reminders on your iPad, using Siri: Click HERE

Additional Goodies-