Search Feature in iPad mail app

Did you know the Mail app for iOS has a Search feature?

You can use it to search by any word, name, or term, and it’ll search all inboxes or a specific inbox to quickly find any email by the provided search terms.

Here’s how to access the hidden Search functionality:

Open the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad

Swipe Down

From the primary inbox view, swipe or pull down on a message, this will reveal the hidden “Search” box

Tap into the “Search” field

Tap in Search Field
Type in Search Word

Type in the Search box a name, email address, term, phrase, word, date, to search emails for matches

Any emails that match the term you searched for will show up in the list below. In the example above we searched an inbox for the word “turkey” and found a handful of emails that showed to match that word.

The Mail search feature in iOS is fast and should turn up emails that match your search terms quickly, though the speed may depend on your iOS devices age as well as the internet connection, and possibly even the email accounts being used.