Mastering Messages

Save photos from Messages   Messages

Touch and hold a photo, then tap SAVE. They’re saved to your Camera Roll.

Send a message with Siri

SiriHave Siri do the work. Say, “Tell Chris I’m still tied up and will be late.” This creates a message for Chris. Try it out.

Text smarter with iMessage apps

Access info from apps, or create and share something fun, without leaving Messages. Open a new message, Tap the App Store icon, then swipe to choose an app. Get iMessage apps from the App Store.

Send a hidden message

To send a secret message, touch and hold the Up arrow to the right of the message field, then tap Invisible Ink. If you tap the up arrow you will send the message! To see what you sent, the recipient rubs the bubble.

Quickly react to a message

Instead of typing a reply, express yourself with a tapback! Double-tap a message bubble, then choose a response.

Thanks to IOS tips and tricks.