Quick Multi-Tasking Tips for IOS 11

#1. Multitasking Using Gesture in iOS 11 on iPad

Make sure that Gesture is enabled on your iPad. To do so;

Step #1. Open Settings on your iPad.

Tap on Settings in iOS 11 on iPad Pro

Step #2. Tap on GeneralMultitasking.

Tap on Settings Then Multitasking in iPad Pro

Step #3. Turn On Gesture.

With the use of four or five fingers:

  • You will pinch to quickly access Home screen.
  • Swipe up to the App Switcher.
  • Swipe left or right between apps.

Multitasking Using Gesture in iOS 11

#2. Customize Dock in iOS 11 on iPad

iOS 11 Dock has been inspired by macOS’—both in terms of functionality and design. It not just makes app switch smooth-sailing but also bolsters multitasking. You can place up to 13 apps in the Dock. It shows three most recent apps you have used to let you quickly access them.

Here is the complete guide to customizing Dock. Also, check out the quick guide to prevent it from showing the most recently used apps.

#3. Use App Switcher in iOS 11 on iPad

There are three ways you can access App Switcher on your iPad. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen or use a four-finger swipe upward to bring up App Switcher or double press the home button. It comprises of both App Spaces and Control Center to make your task of switching super easy.

The iOS’s Multitasking View and vertical scrolling space no longer exist.

Now, you see the more functional interface in which all of the apps that you have opened are placed horizontally. Moreover, it also shows the last Split View configuration you used.

App Switcher in iOS 11 on iPad

#4. Force Quit Apps in iOS 11 on iPad

Double press on the Home button to bring up App Switcher. Then, just touch and hold on any app (or App Space) to enter Edit mode. Then, you need to tap on the X at the upper left corner of the app to quit it.

Force Quit Apps in iOS 11 on iPad