Last 4 Ways to Save Your Battery Life

#1. Use Location Services Wisely

Location Services is probably the most power-greedy feature on iOS devices. The continuous GPS tracking puts enormous pressure on the battery; resulting in unexpected battery drain.

If it’s necessary for you to allow apps to access your location, make sure to allow only the chosen few to have the privilege to keep a tab on your whereabouts. It will go a long way in extending the battery of your iOS 11 devices.

Besides, turn off Location Services when it’s not essential to use this feature.

Step #1. Tap on SettingsPrivacy.

Tap on Settings Then Privacy on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Location Services.

Tap on Location Services on iPhone

Step #3. Turn off the switch next to the apps you no longer want to keep a tab on your location.

Turn Off Location Service for Particular App

To completely disable Location Services, just toggle off the switch next to it and confirm.

#2. Enable Low-Quality Image Mode for Messages

When this feature is on, the images you send are of lower quality. It’s done to ensure you are able to send images fast even on poor internet connection.

Step #1. Open Settings → Tap on Messages.

Tap on Settings Then Messages in iOS 11

Step #2. Turn On Low-Quality Image Mode.

Turn On Low Quality Image Mode in iOS 11

#3. Update Apps

Step #1. Open App Store.

Tap on App Store on iPhone

Step #2. Tap on Updates Tab.

Tap on Updates Tab in App Store on iPhone

Step #3. Update all the apps.

Update Apps on iPhone

#4. Update Your Device to the Latest Software Version

If there is any Software Update available on your iOS device, make sure to upgrade it. This is the most straightforward way to fix various miscellaneous issues with just one shot!

Step #1. Tap on SettingsGeneral.

Tap on Settings Then General

Step #2. Tap on Software Update.

Update iOS on your iDevice