5 More Ways to Help Your Battery Life

#1. Disable Auto-Fetching of New Data

By default, new data is fetched to your account on your iOS device. However, you can completely turn it off or fetch data manually.

Step #1. Tap on SettingsAccounts & Passwords.

Tap on Settings then Accounts & Passwords in iOS 11

Step #2. Tap on Fetch New Data.

Tap on Fetch New Data in iOS 11 Settings

Step #3. Next, turn off the switch next to Push to turn off data fetching.

Turn Off Fetch New Data in iOS 11

There is also an option to schedule data pushing. For instance, you can allow the account to push data every 15 Minutes, every 30 Minutes, Hourly.

Fetch App Data on Interval in iOS 11

#2. Adjust Display & Brightness to the Right Perspective

By keeping the display and brightness under control, you can maximize the battery life of your device.

Step #1. Tap on SettingsDisplay & Brightness.

Tap on Settings Then Display & Brightness in iOS 11

Step #2. Next, disable Auto-Brightness.

Turn Off Auto-Brightness on iPhone

Also, make sure to keep auto-lock at the minimum.

Set Auto-lock to Minimum on iPhoneI really appreciate Raise to Wake feature as it lets you wake the screen of your device with ease. But if conserving more battery is on top of your priority, turn it off.

Turn Off Raise to Wake on iPhone

Make sure to choose “Standard” as the view of your device.

Select Display Zoom to Standard on iPhone

#3. Disable Automatic Downloads and Updates

When auto-downloads is on, new purchases made on other devices (Connected with the same iCloud account) are automatically downloaded on your device. Though it’s a very helpful feature, turning it off can be good for the health of your device’s battery.

Step #1. Tap on SettingsiTunes & App Store.

Tap on Settings then iTunes & App Store in iOS 11

Step #2. Turn Off Automatic Downloads and Updates.

Turn Off Automatic App Updates and Downloads in iOS 11

#4. Turn On Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode is a highly user-friendly feature that has been primed to maximize the battery on your device. When it’s turned on, it automatically disables several power-hungry features such as automatic downloads, mail fetch, Hey Siri, background app refresh. What’s more, it even cuts down visual effects.

Step #1. Open Settings → Tap on Battery.

Tap on Settings Then Battery in iOS 11 on iPhone

Step #2. Turn On Low Power Mode.

Turn On Low Power Mode in iOS 11

#5. Allow Notifications Only from Selected Apps

Make sure to allow notifications from only selected apps. The endless alerts could be playing the spoil sport. Hence, bring them under the notice.

Step #1. Go to SettingsNotifications.

Tap on Settings Then Notifications in iOS 11

Step #2. Tap on the app from which you don’t want to receive alerts anymore and then turn off the switch next to Allow Notifications.

Turn Off Notification for App in iOS 11