Hear Emails, Articles, and Webpages on iPad Read by Siri

Screenshot 2016-04-22 17.53.38Here’s a really cool feature of Siri;  Siri can read webpages out loud.

Read this article to see how you set up your iPad for Siri to read the website. Then  go to the website, find the article and put the article in read mode by tapping on the little three lines in the search bar. Now that you have your article open in the reading mode, tap where you want Siri to start reading. Then swipe down  with two fingers from the search bar and you will get a play bar. The voice may be speaking too quickly so tap the picture of the turtle to slow it down to regular speed. This actually works.

Source: How to Read Emails, Articles, and Webpages on iPhone/iPad Using Siri

Thanks iGeeksBlog