New tricks for IOS 8 Mail

Here are some new tricks for using your mail app on your iPad with IOS 8.

Mark as Read: In your inbox swipe from left to right to reveal a “Mark As Read” icon. If it’s a conversation you will have to do this for as any time as there are unread messages.

More, Flag, Trash: Swiping from right to left reveals quick actions to let you do a number of things. More brings up a secondary menu to let you reply, forward, flag, mark as unread, move to junk, or notify you of future messages in this conversation while Flag and Trash let you do just that.

Quick delete (Trash): If you do a continual swipe from right to left on an email in the inbox it will delete it without you having to swipe and then tap delete (Trash).

Changing the swipe options: You can also change what happens when you swipe left or right in Settings. Go Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe Options and then set your Swipe Left command and your Swipe Right command. Options are limited, but it is something.

Minimise email you are working on: If you are mid composing or replying you can now drag that email to the bottom of the screen so you can still access the rest of your inbox. To do this press ad hold on the title of the email at the top and drag towards the bottom. To get it back, just tap on the parked email.

Reply notifications: If you are waiting for a specific response from an email and don’t want to have to keep checking your phone every two minutes you can opt for iOS 8 to notify you. In any message you’ve received tap on the Flag icon at the bottom left of the screen and then select Notify Me. Confirm your decision and when they reply you’ll know about it. To send an email with a notification alert already one it, select the bell icon in the subject line.

Time Zone override: The Time Zone Override when on will let you always show event data and times in the selected time zone. When off, events will display according to the time zone of your current location. If that sounds like something you want go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Time Zone Override and toggle away.

Build out your contacts book: When you get get a mail from someone and they’ve got a signature, Apple now reads that information and asks you whether you want to add it to a contact. If you don’t you can choose to ignore, but if you do, press on the Add to Contacts button at the top of the screen.

Unread emails: Finally you can now see how many unread emails you’ve got. Go to Mail >Mailboxes > Edit and select Unread.

VIP, Flagged, All Sent, To or CC, Attachments, All Drafts: You can also do the same for a host of other folders to for the first time. Go Mail > Mailboxes > Edit and select which ones you want.

Change Flag style: Yep you can change the Flag Style from flags to circles if that gets you excited. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Flag Style.

Search: Drag down in your inbox to reveal a search box. You can now search your entire inbox for a keyword rather than just To, From, Subject. You can also limit your search to All mailboxes or the current mailbox you are in. Furthermore you can also limit it to conversation threads.

Mark all as read: You can now mark all as read in Mail. Yay. In a mailbox, or the combined inbox, you just tap “Edit” at the upper right, then tap “Mark All” at the lower left. Then choose “Mark As Read” from the pop-up menu and all your messages should be marked as read.

Thanks Pocket-Lint