Dropbox Video Tutorial

If you saw last week’s post and weren’t convinced Dropbox was something you needed, or if you thought Dropbox was a good idea, but didn’t have the confidence to download it, here is a video that will help you.

Dropbox is one of the best apps out there for backing up and syncing files between devices. Setting up Dropbox only takes a few minutes and files sync in the background seamlessly. Let’s look at the entire process from installing Dropbox for the first time on a computer, uploading a file, syncing it between devices and finally sharing a file from dropbox via email or link. Then we will look at creating folders and organizing your Dropbox and upgrade options if you run out of space

Install and Use Dropbox on iPad

Dropbox is a great free online storage app that lets you store documents online and open them on any device you have – provided you have the app on that device. If you have

Tap to open the App Store.

Install the Dropbox App from the App Store.

Open Dropbox and click “Start”.

Log in with the email address you want to associate with Dropbox. 

If you are using PhotoStream, click cancel. You can manually upload photos to Dropbox anytime you need to. If you save all your photos, it might use all the free storage eon Dropbox, bad idea. 



This is your Dropbox! Everything you add to your Dropbox is replicated on the Web (dropbox.com), your iPhone (if the app is installed), and your Mac &/or PC (if the app is installed).